Women's Medium-Support Zipped Ribbed Sports Bra - Ink Blue

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This medium-support sports bra is perfect for doing moderate-impact sports like dancing, fitness, cardio training, etc.

Feel free to be active with the stretch fabric of this sports bra. To top it all off, the breathable fabric wicks away perspiration. Now you can stay dry even when you're exerting yourself.

Color: midnight indigo / multi-colour

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Products benefits

Breast support

Medium support for medium-impact sports.

Freedom of movement

24% elastane for a fabric that moves with you.

Moisture management

Breathable fabric for easy perspiration wicking.


Women's Medium-Support Zipped Ribbed Sports Bra - Ink Blue
Women's Medium-Support Zipped Ribbed Sports Bra - Ink Blue
Women's Medium-Support Zipped Ribbed Sports Bra - Ink Blue

Technical information

What activities can you do with the moderate-support zipped ribbed sports bra?

This medium-support sports bra offers comfort and optimum breast protection for all moderate-impact activities such as dance, fitness, cardio training, etc.

What is it about the moderate-support zipped ribbed sports bra that gives you so much freedom of movement?

Whatever the activity or its intensity, it's important to feel comfortable and at ease with your movements if you're going to enjoy it. And to give yourself the best chance of success, our first piece of advice is to choose the right outfit. This sports bra does just that. By adding elastane, we've increased its stretch. The muscle back also frees up the shoulder blades for even greater ease of movement.

How can you stay dry even when you're exerting yourself wearing the moderate-support zipped ribbed sports bra?

Sweating and staying dry may seem paradoxical, even idealistic. But we've risen to the challenge by using perspiration-wicking fabric in the design of this sports bra. Now you can give it your all without fear of ending up soaked at the end of the session.

Why is the moderate-support zipped ribbed sports bra so easy to put on and take off?

For a sports bra that's easy to put on and take off, we've included a front zip. It is self-locking to prevent it from opening during use. Simply zip up and press the slider to lock the zip.

Is it really important to protect your breasts during sport?

You may not be aware of it, but your breasts are supported almost entirely by the skin, which makes them more fragile. During sport, they are put under much greater strain than usual. No matter your cup size or age, they are subject to movements and bouncing that can create a force of up to five times their weight. Wearing a sports bra gives them support, comfort and protection. It protects your chest from impacts, pain and premature sagging.

Why is it important to choose the right support?

Sport puts stress on the breasts, stretching the skin and ligaments. The absence of support increases the risk of pain or premature sagging. But too much support can also cause long-term damage. It is therefore essential to adapt the level of support in your bra to your cup size and the intensity of the impact you experience. The aim is to protect your bust without altering natural breast movement.

What tests have been carried out to validate the support levels of Decathlon sports bras?

Prototypes are approved in our laboratories using a test to assess breast support. This test measures the reduction in the acceleration of breast movements during sport. They are assessed and then classified according to 3 levels: 1 for light support, 3 for medium support and 5 for high support.

What level of support should you choose for your sport?

Depending on your sport, you will not choose the same level of support. You can choose between 3 levels:
- Level 1: light support if the activity involves gentle chest movements (Pilates, stretching, muscle strengthening, etc.);
- Level 3: moderate support if the activity causes moderate bounce (dance, fitness, cardio-training...);
- Level 5: strong support if the activity is associated with intense movement (step, treadmill, trampoline, etc.).

How do you know what size sports bra you need?

If your sports bra fits well, you can be confident that it will support your chest and be comfortable. To make the right choice:
- In front of a mirror, use a tape measure;
- Place it horizontally at the top of your back, on the lower part of the shoulder blades;

- Bring the tape measure across the fullest part of your bust;
- Take the measurement without pulling tight;
Use our online calculator for extra help.

How are Decathlon's sports bras designed?

Decathlon's sports bras are designed by our sports team to optimise your comfort and prevent health issues. The absence of underwiring removes the risk of injury and of compressing the lymph nodes. By getting rid of seams over the nipples, we reduce the risk of chafing. And by prioritising perspiration-wicking fabrics, we ensure your comfort while considerably reducing the risk of skin irritation.


2 years


Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 91% Polyester, 9% Elastane Back fabric 76% Polyester, 24% Elastane Lining cup 100% Polyester Lining 100% Polyamide Elastic band 72.3% Polyamide, 18.2% Elastodiene, 9.5% Polyester


These tests are regularly performed by an independent laboratory and allow us to ensure that our quality standards are always upheld.
This garment has undergone washing and drying tests to ensure that it retains its shape and colour. This sports bra has also undergone a perspiration-wicking test to check that the fabric absorbs, transfers moisture from the inside to the outside of the fabric and wicks it away.

Approved By

This product has been tested at the Decathlon laboratory to check its levels of support. Then a panel of female testers tried it out during a sports session (protocolled use test) to confirm its ease and comfort during sporting activities. They carried on using the product for another 6 months before giving it the final thumbs up.

Maintenance advice

Do not wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean

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