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Looking for the perfect outdoor sporty backpack or bag for your next hiking or trekking trip in Hong Kong? Decathlon Hong Kong has got you covered. Our wide range of backpacks and bags includes lightweight, waterproof, and multi-functional options suitable for different levels of hiking, trekking, backpacking or even travelling. Whether you're looking for a lightweight backpack for a long hike or a 10L backpack or bag for a short outdoor trip, we have the best backpack solution for you.
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How to choose a hiking backpack?

When choosing a hiking backpack, there are several important considerations. First, it is important to consider the backpack's capacity to ensure that it can hold all the necessary equipment and items. Second, choose a backpack that fits your back length and body shape and has adjustable shoulder straps, waist belts, and load-bearing straps. Comfort is also a key factor to consider when choosing a backpack. It is recommended to choose a backpack with comfortable shoulder straps, waist belts, and back panels that can evenly distribute weight and reduce sweat. In addition, durability and functionality should also be considered, and high-quality materials and backpacks with sufficient pockets and attached water bags should be selected. Finally, weight is also an important consideration and a lightweight backpack that meets the above requirements should be found. 

What are the differences between hiking backpacks and everyday backpacks? 

There are several differences between hiking backpacks and everyday backpacks. First, hiking backpacks are usually larger than everyday backpacks and can hold more equipment and items. Second, hiking backpacks are designed with more adjustment options and support to ensure weight is evenly distributed and reduce burden. Hiking backpacks usually have more pockets and accessory points for carrying equipment such as hiking poles, ice axes, and water bags. In contrast, everyday backpacks are designed with a focus on practicality and fashion, are usually smaller, and are suitable for carrying daily items such as backpacks, stationery, and laptops. Therefore, when choosing a backpack, it is important to choose the one that fits the specific usage scenario and needs. 

What are the brands of Decathlon hiking backpacks and their characteristics? 

Decathlon is a sports equipment brand from France, and our hiking backpacks have three brands, 

Quechua: Its hiking backpacks are designed with simplicity and practicality, suitable for lightweight hiking, camping, or travel. Its main features are large capacity, lightweight, multiple pockets, accessory points, and good comfort. 

Forclaz: It is a brand for long-distance hiking (also known as multi-day trekking/backpacking). Its hiking backpacks are designed with more professionalism and are suitable for multi-day and long-distance hiking. Its main features are greater durability and support. The Travel backpack series has multiple compartments and zippered locks, making it easy to carry different items as hand luggage or checked luggage when traveling by air. 

Simond: It is a brand for rock climbing, mountaineering, and glaciers. Its hiking backpacks are designed with more professionalism and personality, suitable for climbing and glaciers. Its main feature is having more accessory points to carry climbing and glacier equipment. 

How to choose the capacity of a hiking backpack?

Choosing the capacity of a hiking backpack is very important because too small a capacity will result in inadequate equipment, and too large a capacity will increase the extra burden. Here are some reference suggestions for choosing the capacity of a hiking backpack: Trip length: Trip length is one of the most important factors in determining backpack capacity. For short day trips, a 20-30 liter backpack (also known as a daypack) is usually sufficient. For 2-3 day trips, it is recommended to choose a backpack with a capacity of 40-60 liters (also known as a rucksack or backpack). For longer trips, a backpack with a capacity of 60 liters or more (also known as a duffel bag) is needed. Personal needs: Personal needs are also an important factor in choosing the capacity of a hiking backpack. If you need to carry camera equipment, fishing gear, or other special equipment, you will need to choose a larger backpack. Decathlon has hiking backpacks designed specifically for cameras and travel backpacks with a maximum capacity of 120 liters (also known as a duffel bag).

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