Difference between plastic and feather shuttlecock

Badminton|How to choose the right badminton shuttlecock?

Do you know the difference between a natural shuttlecock and a plastic shuttlecock? More importantly, do you know how to choose a more suitable shuttlecock for your badminton practice? Come and see which one is best for you!


The skill level is the main reference when considering how to choose a shuttlecock. Different skill levels should choose shuttlecock in different materials.

racket shuttlecock

High intensity practice

After mastering all kinds of skills and techniques, you can choose shuttlecock with better control and feel.

Shuttlecock with natural goose feather & 100% cork would be the best choice for you


Regular practice

The more you practice the better sense you get, thus you need a better feel shuttlecock on top of durability to enhance your experience.

Natural goose feather with mixed cork shuttlecock would be best for you.


Occasional practice

If you are a new badminton player and not sure how to choose a shuttlecock for an after-work game with colleagues, you need a durable shuttlecock to withstand repeated practice.



How to choose a shuttlecock when playing badminton outdoors with family and friends on weekends? Then choose the affordable yet durable plastic shuttlecock.

Shuttlecock speed

You might often notice numbers on top of the tube:76, 77, 78, 79 or 1, 2, 3, 4. What do these labels mean? How to choose a shuttlecock when looking at these labels? The smaller the label value (lighter weight), the slower the speed, and the larger the label value (heavier weight), the faster the speed. ~The shuttlecock is very light. The speed is determined by the weight of the shuttlecock.;Secondly, the temperature, and the altitude of the court also have a great impact on its weight.

In general, we should play with a light weight shuttlecock in high temperature, high humidity, or high altitude in summer. ~In contrast, a heavier shuttlecock will be a better choice when the temperature is low, the climate is dry, the humidity is small, or the low altitude in winter.

Do you know?

- The best natural shuttlecock feathers are taken from the left wing of the goose

- Badminton is the fastest sport in the world

- The fastest badminton smash record in history is 439km/h

- In an international tournament, it is possible to use up to 50 shuttlecocks in one game.

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