How to choose your badminton grip or overgrip?

A grip or overgrip is like a second skin for your racket. Whether you need to get rid of sweat, to create a good hold or extra grip, each grip has its own properties which will help you to enjoy your game more. Follow our guide to help you find the right grip for you!


Choosing a grip will have considerable influence on your game, that's why it's important to choose the right grip for you. Your main selection criteria should be how you feel when you are playing.

Different types of grips

There are three different types of grips/overgrips, you'll find more details on them below. Each one has different properties that will answer to your expectations and needs.

How To Choose Your Badminton Grip Or Overgrip?


Grips improves the hold between your fingers and the racket handle. It helps you get a firm grip on the racket in your hand and also absorbs vibrations.

How To Choose Your Badminton Grip Or Overgrip?


Overgrips increase the size of your handle and ensures you have the best possible hold on the racket. Overgrips have the same qualities as grips, however they are much thinner.

How To Choose Your Badminton Grip Or Overgrip?

Towelling grips

Towelling Grips have a rather different function to grips or overgrips as they are used to absorb any sweat coming from your hands. Their main quality is absorption, which is why they are made of cotton. 

How to add a grip or overgrip to your badminton handle

- Wind the grip around the handle, starting from the bottom.

- Let each turn of the grip overlap the one before by about 3mm and then cut off the excess just beneath the neck of the racket.

- To keep the grip in place, use finishing glue on the final turn of the grip.