Roller academy: 3 essential tips for mums and dads

When your child takes up a new hobby, the amount of research and preparation can often seem daunting. If your little one wants to learn roller skating, take a look at the following 3 tips to make sure they get off to a flying start!

Roller學堂 :教練話你知!3個爸媽要知道的安全滾軸溜冰貼士

1) Prepare all the necessary safety gear

Safety should always take first priority – regardless of the sport, if you don’t buy the necessary gear and provide guidance, accidents are likely to happen. Roller skating is actually very safe, provided that you prepare the right safety gear and a suitable pair of roller skates. A full set of safety gear should include knee pads, elbow pads, palm protectors and a helmet. To ensure that your child can maintain their balance and skate safely, start by accompanying them on a flat surface (or take them to skating lessons).

Roller學堂 :教練話你知!3個爸媽要知道的安全滾軸溜冰貼士
Roller學堂 :教練話你知!3個爸媽要知道的安全滾軸溜冰貼士

2) Excellent way to keep fit during the pandemic

The majority of sports facilities are currently closed due to the pandemic. Of course, it’s still important to ensure that your little one gets enough exercise. Although skating arenas are closed, there are plenty of other places that are suitable for roller skating. As long as the surface is flat and wide enough to allow social distancing, roller skating is an excellent way to keep fit and healthy!

3) Keep a close eye on your child

After several years of coaching, I’ve noticed that many children don’t wear protective gear correctly. For example, the hard side of a palm protector must be placed over the centre of the palm in order to provide protection, but many parents attach it the wrong way round. During my lessons, I start by teaching my students how to fall over safely and get back up again, and how to use protective gear to prevent injuries.
During the hot weather in summer, many children don’t want to wear protective gear. However, it’s really important that there are no exceptions, because it’s essential for ensuring your child’s safety. Sometimes I see parents or babysitters staring at their phone instead of keeping a close eye on their children. Children like to copy other skaters, and sometimes try to attempt moves that are too difficult for them, which can result in injuries.

Roller學堂 :教練話你知!3個爸媽要知道的安全滾軸溜冰貼士

Angelina wong

Decathlon sports ambassador
former hong kong representative for speed skating
hong kong’s best female speed skater from 2000-2006

With over 20 years of skating experience, Angelina represented Hong Kong at speed skating competitions for 11 years and was Hong Kong’s fastest female speed skater for 6 consecutive years. Her best performances include 5th place in the 500 m short track race at the Asian Speed Skating Championships, and runner up in the 5000 m elimination race at the China National Speed Skating Championships. After retirement, she obtained a coaching license and became a referee for international speed skating competitions. She has also founded a speed skating school in Hong Kong, which aims to encourage more children to take up speed skating.