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This May we are organising a virtual women’s race to coincide with Mother’s Day. As part of our cooperation with Runner's World HK, DECATHLON has been honoured to speak to four running enthusiasts who were recently selected as our Her Strength  Running Ambassadors, to find out more about their running experiences.


They include Kate, a new mum; Crystal, a newcomer to the world of running; Catherine, who didn’t start running until she was in her fifties; and Yannes, who is regaining her strength following a previous injury. As their stories demonstrate, their self-confidence has been an inspiration to other runners.


32 years old, flight attendant
Running experience: 5 years

A serious injury can be very frustrating, especially when it involves a long road to recovery. However, as Yannes’ story demonstrates, if you stay motivated, experiencing an injury can make you stronger and more confident.


Yannes works as a flight attendant and is passionate about running. Since 2017, she has completed four marathons overseas, as well as the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon. In March 2018, she injured a knee ligament during a warm-up session, the result of previous injuries she had sustained during many years of volleyball training. After undergoing surgery to repair the torn ligament, it took almost two years for her to complete her recovery. However, experiencing an injury forced Yannes to learn more, and she didn’t lose her passion for running. It also made her realise that she needed to be more patient.

“In the past I didn’t do any strength training – I just focused on running as much as possible. However, during my recovery I discovered that strength training can help to prevent future injuries. Now that I’m fully recovered, strength training has become part of my routine, and I actually feel like my performance is better than before. It’s also given me the confidence to explore more hills and routes.”


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Yannes is looking forward to the world returning to normal so that she can go running in new places. “I always look for some running routes to explore when I go on holiday. When I went to Vancouver, I ran a 30 km route to Fisherman's Wharf and back, which was really good fun. I’d love to be able to go back and do it again. 


Favourite route:

Castle Peak Road
Start from Tsuen Wan Riviera Park and return when you reach Sham Tseng, or for a longer run, continue to Tuen Mun Road Interchange. If you can, run back the same way instead of taking the bus!

Favourite gear:

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Credits: Runner's World HK