In'Ride 100 Bike Trainer

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Developed by our engineers, the In'Ride 100 Turbo Trainer is perfect for interval training, recovery phases, and warm-ups.

Simple and effective, the In'Ride 100 and its magnetic resistance allows you to vary the resistance between 7 different levels (adjustable shifter) and achieves up to 550 watts.

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Products benefits


550 Watts (at 50km/h at resistance level 7).

Brake control

Magnetic braking, 7 levels of resistance with manual adjustment dial.

Smooth pedalling

Flywheel 1.17kg.

Easy assembly / dismantling

Easy and quick to attach your bike with a quick-release system.

Compact design

Fold-away for compact storage.

Noise level

Quiet elastomer roller.


Compatible with all 26" to 28" wheels.

Technical information

Connect your In'ride 100 to our B'Twin Training app.

By adding a speed and cadence sensor (not included), you can connect your In'ride 100 turbo trainer to your tablet, smartphone or pc in order to participate in interactive training programs.


Whether you do road or mountain bike training on the turbo trainer, we highly recommend using a tyre specially designed for use on turbo trainers.
It has the advantage of lasting longer thanks to its reinforced structure and harder rubber which reduces the noise of the wheels spinning.


When cycling on a turbo trainer, the rear wheel of your bike is held firmly in place and slightly raised.
For greater stability, you should also use a front wheel riser block.
Doing so will add stability to your front wheel and raise the front of the bike to keep you in a perfectly aligned position.


When training indoors, perspiration often drips onto the bike or floor.
We recommend using the following equipment :
1. A sweat guard to stop perspiration (acidic) dripping onto your bike and damaging it (ref. 8056757).
2. A turbo trainer mat to reduce noise and provide stability and added protection against perspiration (ref. 8369937).
3. Oh, and don't forget to drink plenty or water, so have a bottle to hand.


Availability of spare parts essential for using this product: 2 years


8.2 kg

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In'ride 100 home trainer


In'ride 100 home trainer

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Product Composition

Chassis 100% Steel


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