Cycling | tips for indoor bike training

Indoor cycling is another option! If you own a 26 inch or above bike, you just have to fix it on the trainer for hassle-free training at home.


Cycling can be a way of commuting or a relaxing activity during the holidays.
Not only can it train up your cardio fitness, it also boosts your legs’ muscle endurance! You will find great satisfaction when your fitness improves with cycling training.
However, the summer weather in Hong Kong is either scorching heat or pouring rain! The unstable weather might disrupt your outdoor cycling plans.

Training at home or outdoor?

Indoor cycling is another option!

There are lots of turbo trainers in the market, the most common being the flywheel or fluid trainers. The former requires the rider to remove the bike rear wheel, while the latter can be used simply by placing the bike on it.

If you own a 26 inch or above bike, you just have to fix it on the trainer for hassle-free training at home.

What is the functions for bike trainer

Decathlon bike trainer

Compared with cycling machines, indoor bike riding offers a realistic sensation of bike rides!

Other than the fact you would be riding on an actual bike, the latest technology allows the trainer to connect with simulation software for an experience closer to riding on a road. You can also adjust the resistance to increase the intensity and effectiveness of your training.

It is beginner-friendly equipment for indoor cycling training. It can be easily installed and folded into a smaller size, perfect for cozy homes in Hong Kong.

In'Ride 500 Fluid Braking Bike Trainer

Suggestions for your bike trainer

Fluid trainers can operate quietly. You can also lay down a sound-absorbing mat on the ground to minimise disturbance for your neighbours downstairs.

*This trainer is compatible with adult bikes from 26" to 28" in size.

Elite suito-t trainer

Powerful, solid and quiet, Suito-T is an interactive home trainer designed to offer a realistic, accurate and fun bicycle workout experience.

Featuring direct transmission to ensure increased accuracy and quietness while working out, the Suito-T is very stable trainer even during the most intense sprints, and its small size makes it easy to transport and store everywhere.


Training tips

After getting your bike trainer, you can add on different accessories.

As shown the image on right side, you can place the trainer in front of a TV monitor and work out with training videos (such as playing clips of uphill or downhill rides) to simulate outdoor training.

Don’t underestimate the intensity of these indoor training sessions, they are comparable with real bike rides outdoors! Other than that, we suggest you place an electric fan nearby for ventilation. 

It is common practice to hang a towel and attach a water bottle on your bike, so you can train without being dehydrated or soaked in sweat.


Training routines

To kickstart your workout, you can ride for 10 minutes as a warm up, then 30-45 minutes in medium-hard intensity for suitable training volume.  

If you’d like to train in HIIT format, you can refer to the below training methods:
The logic is 1:1 or 1:2 training VS rest time.
 - Max out at full speed for 1 minute, rest 1-2 minutes, and repeat for at least 4-5 sets according to your ability.

 -  HIIT training is much more physically demanding. Warm-up thoroughly before and stop whenever you experience discomfort. 

  - After training sets, don’t rest immediately in a static state, otherwise it might negatively impact your cardio functions. 
  - Keep riding at a slower pace with less power for a few minutes before dismounting the bike for 10 minutes stretch.