Designed to be easy on the head without a headrest; Also suitable for the people with large physique; Ergonomic design with the vertical hun frame (155 degree tilted)

Armrest is applied to left and right for arm comfort. Take a break, or provide more stability in activities on the chair.

Indoor Use:
An inside chair that provides comfortable seating and stability not only for outdoor activities.There is no shortage even for indoor use.When used indoors, if you use a separate “chairball” and a “footrest"""",You can enjoy a more comfortable rest.

Material: Duralumin 7075
Polyester, PU Coated
Size: 60 x 106 x 73 (H) cm (unfolded)
16 x 59 x 14 (H)cm (folded)
Net Weight: 1.9kg (4.2 lbs)
Capacity: 100kg (220 lbs)

Brand From Korea

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