Badminton is a great sport for getting your whole body working hard. Here are the top 20 health benefits (both mental and physical) of playing badminton.  

benefits of badminton

When you sweat with a happy heart you build up a healthy you. Badminton is a fun active sport which is an easy game to practice with few painless rules. It boosts up your muscles, adds strength to the muscles, improves blood flow rate and the benefits are endless. Apart from physical benefits there are mental advantages of playing badminton too. To dive into the benefits of badminton is a vast ocean to explore on.

Health Benefits of Playing Badminton

1. Improves muscle strength

One among the important benefits of playing badminton is that it boosts up the muscle strength making you strong and fit. the continues movements from here to there build up your muscle mass, as well as tone them up into perfect structure. It boosts up your core muscles, calves, quads and hamstrings.


benefits of playing badminton

2. Improves heart functioning

Continues movements and hits in badminton strengthens your heart muscles. It also improves the blood flow through our veins and pumps the heart up. It decreases the cholesterol level and reduces the risk of heart attacks or strokes. This also unclogs the blocked walls of the heart and increases the blood flow.


benefits of badminton

3. It helps to reduce stress

The vibrant game of badminton is a healthy habit to ward off your stress hormones.That’s so soothing right! Stress is something that eats you up day by day. It reduces both your physical and mental ability leaving you a living zombie. But by practicing badminton as a daily sport our body reduces the stress hormones and boosts up the happy hormones leaving you happy and alive.


mental benefits of badminton

4. Improves flexibility

The backhand smashing and forehand smashing needs high flexibility. By making it a habit our muscles become flexible and strong. Flexibility of muscles helps you maintain a healthy smart life.

advantages of playing badminton- flexibility

5. Boost your metabolism rate

Having a good metabolism with a high metabolic rate is vital for healthy life. Badminton is an active sport which sweats you out from tip to toe. The natural sweating of our body burns up the calories and removes toxin inside out and hence helps in weight loss. Increased metabolic rate maintains your physique and keeps you fit and firm.

badminton boost metabolism

6. Strengthen your bone

Having a healthy badminton match everyday reduces the risk of bone fractures. The back and forth movements of hands, legs and arms, develops calcium matrix in your bones strengthening the bones within. This also enhances the physical appearance, ae we all are nothing but mere skeletons.


benefits of badminton

7. Improves mental agility

Apart from physical benefits, mental benefits of badminton are more striking and interesting. The tiny white cock may deceive you with its meek look but moves like a swift, fast and furious! The player has to focus on the fast moving cock which increase the level of concentration and mental activeness. One has to be alert at any given point, presence of mind is cardinal. By planning where to move, how to move, how to smash it, when to return it back, whether to use backhand or forehand, everything should be kept in mind.This presence of mind benefits you in multiple ways even in your daily life.


mental benefits of badminton

8. Helps in social being

Badminton is a game of two or four members and not a single sole play. It’s a healthy competition between two members, you either win or lose, but you’ll always maintain a good social relationship. The benefit of badminton is that, it is an outdoor game which can be played as a fun time pass with your family or friends while a get connects people and add spice to their relationship, rather than drowning into the digital world.

benefits of badminton

9. Helps in weight loss

Fed up with starving diets and low calories, put up a healthy habit of burning up your calories by sweating off with a badminton match. It helps you in controlling your weight and maintain the body balance thereby. Burning up calories thus boosts up the metabolic rate leaving as healthy and fit

benefits of badminton

10. Decreases the risk of diabetes

A badminton play sweats you up a lot which decreases the diabetics inside us. It tames the production of sugar by liver and decreases fasting blood sugar. Now have your favorite sweet with a whole heart, because you are sufficing the gap with a healthy habbit.

benefits of badminton

11. Reduce the risk of death

Badminton may seem to be a mere sport activity but the benefits of badminton is extremely far reaching and eternal. It’s been found that since badminton increases the heart rate and reduce breathlessness, the risk of death for a regular player is 23% in 20 years. To add to it as token of gift for your hard work it rewards you with at least 2 years of extra life compared to the normal.

benefits of badminton

12. Increases your lung capacity

A regular badminton match increases your lung capacity. The lung capacity of a badminton player is higher compared to a normal person. It is our Adrenal hormones which indirectly effects the respiratory system. This indirect connection links with your medulla oblongata (a long stem-like structure located in the brainstem. It is a cone-shaped neuronal mass responsible for autonomic (involuntary) functions ranging from vomiting to sneezing. Source - Wikipedia) making your lungs work more quickly, with pace. Ironically the play which rushes your lungs to catch enough breathe while playing, enhances your lung capacity!


benefits of badminton

13. Health is nothing without Brain

It’s interesting to look at the mental benefits of badminton. Most of the physical benefits are obvious and predictable. But have you ever dreamt of your brain feeling good while playing a sport? Yes, that’s true. A tight badminton match produces endorphin, a neurotransmitter which makes your brain feel good and happy. Strange, but true.




benefits of badminton

14. You are smart enough

Badminton is a strategical play. It needs plans on where to shot, how to serve, what kind of smash, when to return, everything is a pre-planned process, an understanding between you, your brain and senses. Thus it wakes up your snoozed brain and forces it to work. This will obviously makes you a smart tricky lad.

benefits of badminton

15. Increases your reflex action

Being a quick sport, it requires lightening reflexes from one to other both physically and mentally. Physically you have to switch from one to other within count of seconds, while mentally you have to reflex back to the shots ideally and accordingly. This quick reflexes enhance the way you think and live a daily life too.

benefits of badminton

So the benefits of badminton are alluring, literally. Now dust off your shuttlecock and racket, smash it off for a healthy beginning.