Camping | best 3 campsites for camping beginners in hong kong

There are many campsites in Hong Kong that are accessible by public transport and are fully equipped. Here are our 3 recommended campsites for camping beginners, including the most popular campsites in Sai Kung and Wan Tsai south. Let’s plan a camping trip with your friends.


There are 41 designated campsites in Hong Kong and some private campsites. The following campsites are inside the country parks. There are also some country trails or outdoor activity facilities nearby, which will add more value to your first camping experience!

Hok tau campsite - best choice for family camper

Situated at the northern slope of Shek Au Shan, the site is adjacent to the Hok Tau Reservoir. The site features numerous routes connected with Sha Lo Tung or Lau Shui Heung Reservoir, fully equipped with toilet, water supply, barbeque pits, benches and tables, clotheslines, bathrooms and pavilions. You may also challenge nearby ranges such as Ping Fung Shan and Pat Sin Leng.


What to do?

Hok Tau Reservoir Family Walk - apart from its idyllic environment, the charming path is flat and well-paved with big rocks. You may also walk past several streams and an experimental forest. The journey takes about an hour and is suitable for families.


How to get there?

Public transport - Take Minibus No. 52B from Fanling MTR Station and get off at Hok Tau Tsuen Terminus. Stroll along Hok Tau Road towards Hok Tau Reservoir for 15 minutes.

By car - you can park your car at Hok Tau Country Park car park, and walk 20 minutes to the campsite.



Easy to access by car, fully equipped campsite with many potential tent space, a family camper friendly camping spot.

Wong shek campsite - a place for water sports and fishing

Wong Shek Campsite is in Sai Kung, it is conveniently situated on a slope opposite Wong Shek Bus Terminal. You can overlook distant Ko Lau Wan, Tap Mun, Long Hill and coastal features of Long Harbour (Tai Tan Hoi). During the holiday, the Long Harbour is dotted by colourful sailing boats. Campsite equipped with toilet, water supply, pavilions, barbeque pits, benches and tables.


What to do?

●Fish at the Wong Shek Pier while casting your eyes to the little fishing port opposite the pier and enjoy a panoramic view of Long Harbour, distant Ko Lau Wan from the pier. 

●Wong Shek Tree Walk with a full length of 410m. It joins Wong Shek Family Walk and Pak Tam Road and is adjacent to Tai Tan Tree Walk. There are 12 interpretation plates to introduce common tree species found in the countryside 

●There is a water sport centre built next to the pier and managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. They organises a wide range of water sports training courses and fun days regularly for the public. You may check out below, 

How to get there?

In order to get to the campsite, you can start from Sai Kung Bus Terminal take Bus 94 or take Bus 96R at Diamond Hill MTR Bus Terminal on Sundays and statutory holidays and get off at Wong Shek Pier Bus Terminal. Follow the signpost next to the bus terminal for a short 5 minute walk.



Located nearby bus stop and easy to access, favorite for water sport lover.

Wan tsai (south and west)campsite - learn more about marine animals and coral

Wan Tsai Campsite is near Wan Tsai Peninsula which lies at the north-west of Long Harbour, adjacent to Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. The campsite is on the South side of the park, which is spaciously designed with ample facilities. Equipped with large-scale bathing and toilet facilities, pavilions, barbeque pits, benches and tables.


What to do?

●In the early 1980s, the Peninsula was delimited as a borrowed area with the surface soil taken for the development of Ma On Shan New Town and Tai Po Industrial Estate. An old vehicular road was left from those days. Visitors can take this circular route to explore the peninsula.


●Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park - Established in July1996, it is the first marine park in Hong Kong. There are various mangrove, 59 coral and more than 120 coral fish species recorded in 260-hectare park. Others marine animals such as starfish and jellyfish are also found. You can get closer to the sea by booking the glass-bottom boat and ECO tour.

How to get there?

Method 1:From Sai Kung Bus Terminal take Bus 94 or Bus 96R at Diamond Hill MTR Bus Terminal on Saturday, Sundays and statutory holidays. Get off at the Wong Shek Terminus. Then hop onto the Wan Tsai-bound ferry at Wong Shek Pier. From Wan Tsai Pier, a 5-minute walk on stony path takes one to the campsite.

Method 2:From Sai Kung, take Minibus 7 and descend at Hoi Ha Village. Then, follow the Tai Tan Country Trail and walk for about 45 minutes.



There are a large number of tent space in these 2 campsites, very suitable for camping with a group of friends after that you can learn more about marine life in the Marine Park.

The campsites within the Country Parks are on a “first-come-first-served” basis, so during weekends and public holidays when many campers will be competing for limited facilities, you are advised to arrive at the campsite early. Please remember that under the Country Park and Special Area Regulations, you are not allowed to camp other than in a designated campsite which can be identified by the sign boards erected by the Country and Marine Parks Authority.

Information and maps are provided by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD).