Cycling | 7 Health Benefits of Cycling

Thinking about starting a cycling lifestyle? The key benefits of cycling are to improve physical and emotional health.

Commuting by bicycle is good for you

Why riding a bike is good for you?

In Hong Kong, we often say "Driving is too fast, Walking is too slow, so Cycling is just the right speed to enjoy the scenery!"

Nowadays, we all rely on different means of transportation to go from point A to point B. Let's not forget our daily commute can improve our physical and emotional health.

Let's check out the 7 benefits of cycling!

Let's use the folding bike to get to your destination on a daily basis

1. As a means of transportation

Commuting by bicycle is not just practical, but also cost-effective and fun. Instead of getting stuck in a rut by taking the same route home, you might as well ride your bike.

Sometimes you might need to go home as quickly as possible, but once in a while you can change the pace of your life and try to walk the long way back home and enjoy the ride.

Folding bike benefits

Why choose a folding bike?

Main reasons: Easy storage, Easy transport, Improve your health life and environment

2. Expand your social circle

Whether it's going to work or just going out for a ride, riding as a group means you can enjoy the scenery together, chat with friends or enjoy some time alone.
For many people, this can be an ideal way to socialise.

Let's ride a bike with your friend

3. Help you lose weight

Cycling is mainly an endurance sport. During the low-intensity exercise, your system will get energy from body fat which can help you keep the weight control. But don’t worry, it doesn’t damage muscles and joints.

Overweight people suffer less from cycling than they do from running. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that one of the health benefits of cycling is to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and improve bone density.

Cycling can help you to lose some weight

4. Improve your health

Cycling is a low impact sport that gives your cardiovascular system an effective workout which can reduce blood pressure and promote blood circulation.
According to “British Medical Journal, MJ (2017, April 20) substantial health benefits of cycling to work include a substantial decrease in the risk of developing and dying from cancer or heart disease.

Cycling around greenery is good for your health

5. Releases stress and calms your mind

After physical exercise, people are more relaxed. It is because several hormones such as Dopamine are secreted during exercise, so you can feel the pleasure and reward.
That's the main reason that makes the whole body relaxed after exercise.

Let's go to cycling to make you feel the pleasure and reward

6. Develop your bike skills on the road

It's not that simple. Even if you already have a driver's license, it does not mean you have mastered the skills and awareness of biking on the road. Always pay attention to what’s around you when riding a bike.

Finally, cycling can both be a form of transportation and a hobby. Enjoy the fun of riding a bike, and you will enjoy more benefits of cycling.

Let's focus on the easy fun of riding a bike, you will get more benefits out of every day.

Let's develop your bike skills on the road

7. Train your legs workout

When your legs exert force, they squeeze your blood vessels which helps blood flow back to your upper body. The most important thing is cycling can also prevent varicose veins from developing while sitting for a long period of time.

Lastly, we should do the stretch or massage your body after exercise and workout. It helps the body recover faster and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid.

Let's ride a bike to train your legs