Fitness | 8 must-have items for your home gym

A comprehensive guide to large exercise equipment.


With such a big choice of fitness equipment on offer, it’s often difficult to know where to start. This guide will help you to choose the right equipment for your home.

cardio machines for home use
cardio machines for home use
Essential cardio machines that fit your home
Essential cardio machines that fit your home
Decathlon self powered cross trainer with smooth pedalling and various functions and training programs

The EL 520 cross trainer is self-powered by your movements and comes with a number of training programmes. It can also be connected to a mobile app for a feature-packed training experience.

Indoor cycle from Decathlon

Boasting a highly durable chain drivetrain, the Biking 100 provides a realistic road bike experience in the comfort of your own home.

Ultra compact rowing machines at Decathlon

The Rowing Machine 100 does not require any assembly – simply take it out of the box and start your workout! It also has a compact design with a 5-second folding mechanism.

make use of multi-functional station at home for weight training
make use of multi-functional station at home for weight training
compact home gym system with pull down bar, stirrup handle, ankle strap, pulley extension cable and more!

If you prefer weight machines, this compact home gym is an ideal choice. The weight can be adjusted in 5 kg increments up to 60 kg, and the versatile design allows you to train all parts of your body.

Pull up and dip station for circuit exercises

The Weight Training Dips Station 900 is specially designed for bodyweight training and can hold a load of up to 150 kg, ensuring safe training for users of all levels.

Decathlon weight benches that allow different angle pecs workouts.

This weight bench has 7 different incline/decline settings and can hold a load of up to 250 kg, making it suitable for a wide range of weight training exercises.

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