How to choose your kayaking buoyancy aid

It is strongly recommended to wear a 50 Newton buoyancy aid when kayaking. If you fall in the water, it will allow you to float effortlessly, so that you can get back to your kayak and climb back aboard easily.


Depending on your activity level 

Choose a buoyancy aid for kayaking up to 2 miles from land (3.22 km).

For recreational use, a foam buoyancy aid will be easier to use and will provide immediate buoyancy if you fall in the water.

If you want one that takes up less space, choose a manual inflatable PFD with a gas cartridge, which will leave your shoulders free to move. Please note, you must pull on the handle to inflate the device as needed. Some buoyancy aids also feature a hydration bladder pocket at the back so you can easily stay hydrated as you paddle.


Depending on your weight

Your weight will determine what size of buoyancy aid you need.

Refer to the markings on the buoyancy aid. 

With the exception of the WAIRGO, which should be chosen according to what size you are: S, M, L, XL. 


Depending on your activity and its intensity

According to your activity and its intensity, you may need more freedom of movement.

A foam buoyancy aid will be more restrictive, for example over long distances, than the WAIRGO vest, which is worn very close to the body and moves with your body.



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