Snorkelling| equipment guide: how to choose a snorkel or diving mask?

Your diving mask is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your diving kit. Take a look at the different types of diving masks and learn how to choose the best snorkel or diving mask.


Snorkelling masks

If you’re planning on snorkeling (i.e. with diving fins, diving mask and snorkeling tube), choose a snorkel mask with a large field of vision, so you can enjoy your underwater experience to the max! Easybreath mask is ideal for snorkeling excursions thanks to its innovative shape, which allows divers to breathe through both the mouth and the nose. What’s more, the Easybreath mask’s large single-window lens guarantees great visibility as well as being fog-resistant, so you can enjoy all the stunning views snorkeling has to offer. Attention: the Easybreath mask is designed for snorkeling and surface swimming. Not appropriate for underwater use.


Scuba diving masks

One of the diving masks you can choose is Scuba mask. They are usually more technical, designed to adapt depth and different environments while diving. Most has an optimal fit around the nose area, allowing divers to perform the Valsalva maneuver with relative ease while guaranteeing excellent underwater visibility. 


Freediving masks

How to choose a driving mask for freediving? Freediving masks are usually characterised by their smaller size in order to minimize potential air loss, as well as the risk of facial barotrauma (‘mask squeeze’). Most freediving masks are two-window models, and are usually smaller in size to facilitate equalisation when descending. 

Considerations when choosing a mask

  • How to choose a snorkelling or diving mask?


    Underwater, it’s impossible for the human eye to see clearly. Your diving mask acts as a barrier between your eyes and the surrounding water, filling the space with air to allow for optimal visibility.

  • How to choose a snorkelling or diving mask?


    Your mask should be watertight in order to minimise excess water trickling inside, as this is likely to affect visibility.

  • How to choose a snorkelling or diving mask?


    For 100% underwater visibility, it’s essential to properly maintain your mask. Lack of proper care could lead to your mask fogging up, reducing your ability to see clearly through the lens.‍

  • How to choose a snorkelling or diving mask?


    Too small and your mask will be uncomfortable to wear. Too big, and water is almost certain to leak inside the mask. This makes selecting the right size mask an important step when choosing your diving equipment.


Coloured skirt vs transparent skirt

A transparent skirt lets more light in and offers broader vision for divers, and is an optimal choice for beginners and snorkellers. In contrast, a coloured-skirt can avoid flares of excessive light and allow intermediate divers to focus better underwater. 


Single lens vs double lens

Single lenses offer more uniform visibility, while double lenses offer the possibility of adding corrective lenses, making them ideal for people with short-sightedness. The style and dimensions of your mask’s lenses can have a significant impact on your field of vision.


Fabric strap vs silicone strap

Masks with fabric straps are comfortable to wear, especially for long-haired divers. On the other hand, they are easier to fall off so we recommend to only use them when snorkelling. For scuba diving activities that will bring more impact to your facial equipment, especially when entering the water, a silicon strap mask is preferred better as it will stay in place, so you can based on the activities to choose the right diving mask.

How to choose a snorkelling or diving mask?

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