How to choose your yoga mat?

There are many types of yoga, each with their own specific needs and considerations. Follow our advice to choose the right mat that will fit your needs..


Your choice of a yoga mat depends on the type of yoga you do.
There are two criteria to consider: comfort and grip.

Fitting comfort

A dynamic yoga practice does not require the same type of thickness as a more gentle style of practice. For gentle yoga styles such as hatha, yin, restorative or prenatal, which tend to focus on slower postures and being in contact with the floor, you'll want a greater level of comfort. You should choose a mat between 5 and 8 mm thick to help protect your joints.



On the other hand, if you do dynamic yoga such as ashtanga, vinyasa or in a warm room such as Bikram / hot yoga where you do lots of standing poses requiring good balance, your top priority is stability and plenty of grip so that you don't slip. The best thing is therefore a thinner mat, between 1 and 5 mm maximum. You can also add a thin pure rubber mat for maximum grip, especially for asanas like downward-facing dog.

DOMYOS Studio Yoga Mat 5 mm


If you do yoga away from home, opt for a mat that is easy to carry with a carry strap. You might also want a yoga mat bag to easily carry your mat with you.

Yoga | How To Choose Your Yoga Mat?

Warm reminder

When doing yoga barefoot, it's best to have your own mat and to clean it regularly with water to which you can add a few drop of essential oils.

Yoga | How To Choose Your Yoga Mat?