Basketball | behind the design: tips for choosing basketball shoes

There are a lot of movements involved on the basketball court - running, jumping, stopping and changing direction, which put the feet under stress and at risk of injury. A pair of suitable basketball shoes can reduce the impact, protecting your ankles and joints from injury. Then you can prepare for a quick transition between offense and defense, and enjoy the injury-free game. Let's learn the difference between high, medium and low-top basketball shoes, and  the tips for buying basketball shoes !

Basketball | High, medium, low? Tips for buying basketball shoes

2 Key features of basketball shoes that protect your feet

Support: It refers to how the shoes support the foot and the ankle under different pressures. Sufficient support can prevent ankle sprains when performing specific movements.

Traction: It refers to the friction between the sole and the floor. The greater the friction, the easier it is to grip the floor and keep the players from sliding.

Interesting facts about sole

When it comes to choosing basketball shoes, one of the tips is to pick the right sole. The sole is generally composed of three parts - insole, midsole, and outsole.

Insole: It is also known as insert, which is about softness and comfort. You can change to the functional insole.

Outsole: It refers to the part of the sole that is in direct contact with the floor. Usually, players choose the non-slip and wear-resistant one.

Midsole: It is what makes the quality of basketball shoes. A good midsole ensures that the feet are comfortable and able to move freely, also with cushioning that greatly reduces the pressure on the foot during the game. Decathlon basketball shoes use EVA foam shock-absorbing midsole. In addition to the softness and resilience power, the lightweight feature can relieve the stress on the feet.


Low vs medium vs high-top basketball shoes

It's easy to spot the difference between the low, medium and high-top design. You will know how to choose the suitable basketball shoes based on your position and style.

Low-top basketball shoes

They are lighter and provide more freedom of ankle movement. They are suitable for players who are good at breaking fast and employ a lot of sudden changes in movement, but the protection is relatively low. They are better for guards and small forwards who often need to dribble, cut and break fast. In this case, the design and weight of high-top basketball shoes would obstruct their running motion and take more energy to move.

Adult Fast 500 Basketball Shoes

Adult fast 500

KID SS500 M Basketball Shoes

Kid ss500 m

Mid-top basketball shoes

It is a more modern style. The tips for choosing these basketball shoes are especially for the players who shoot and break a lot on the court. It strikes the balance between low-top and high-top basketball shoes by blending the characteristics of the two. Their comprehensive performance compared to the low and high top comes from their protection without reducing flexibility.

Adult Mid 500 Basketball Shoes

Adult mid 500

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High-top basketball shoes

The top is higher, which can stabilize the ankle and reduce the collision from outside. They are suitable for players who are at inside position or relatively slow. For power forwards and centers who need to jump frequently, we highly recommend high-top basketball shoes.

Before you buy the basketball shoes, the tips you should know is that due to the strong protection of high-top basketball shoes, the response time may be slower on a fast break as the heel position will be a little tight and uncomfortable.

Basketball | High, medium, low? Tips for buying basketball shoes
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