Expert teammate: kit lam's running story 

Sport Leader at Decathlon Shatin store. 

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In addition to offering an extensive range of sports products, Decathlon prides itself on employing a team of passionate athletes to support you on your sports journey. Kit has been working in the running department since Decathlon’s entry into the Hong Kong market in 2017. He has also worked at Decathlon in Mainland China, and has in-depth knowledge of running culture in different regions.

Everyone starts with jogging, and then some people go on to take part in competitions and pursue a strict training routine. As you progress, you need more professional gear.

Kit lam

30 years old
Sports: Trail running, road running, water sports
Sport Leader at Decathlon Shatin store

As an outdoor sports enthusiast, Kit is passionate about trail running and underwater diving – he trains on a daily basis and finished the Guangzhou half marathon in 1 hour and 30 minutes. However, as a teenager he did not believe that he had a talent for sports. “At secondary school, I wasn’t very good at running – I came in second last during a 1500 m race. But now I enjoy running every day before going to work, which improves my self-confidence and really helps to get me going for the day."

I do both road running and trail running – the longest race I’ve ever done was a 60 km trail run.” Kit runs for 1 hour every day, either on an athletics track or on the trails around Tsing Yi. He clocks up around 60 to 70 km a week. “After the pandemic, I’d like to go to Australia and run the Gold Coast Half Marathon – the conditions there are perfect for running a personal best, and I used to study in Australia.” Kit’s passion for running has helped him to stay disciplined, and also convinced him to join Decathlon.

YourPartnerInSports- Adriaan Bouten

Kit's running gear choices:


Breathable and lightweight running tank top

Weighing just 80g, this men’s tank top is so light that you’ll forget you’re wearing it! Made from a patented material that reduces chafing, it is also suitable for long-distance runs.

Thanks to its lightweight and breathable design, it is perfect for people like me who do lots of sport.


Men dynamic kiprun kd500 running shoes

Designed for marathon training and races, these shoes feature a sole made from two cushioning materials enabling you to maximize your performance whether you’re running 10 km or a marathon. The upper is made from a seamless, single piece of fabric to reduce friction.

I joined Decathlon because of its sports culture – all of its Sport Leadersare interested in sport. I really like the work environment, because it gives me the chance to meet colleagues who have experience in different sports.


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Credits: Runner's World HK