What do I do if condensation has appeared inside of the walls of the inner part of my tent? Is it still waterproof?~ 


Condensation is a natural phenomenon. The humidity of the ambient air condenses and is deposited on the inside of the inner part of the tent's walls, once the wall's fabric is colder than the inside of the tent.

1. Certain factors encourage the appearance of condensation:

- When warm air, stored up throughout the day in the tent remains there in the evening, while the outdoor temperature has lowered.  - When it has rained all day, and the air and earth are saturated in humidity; - When water is heated in the tent: the resultant heat and water vapour exacerbate the phenomenon; - The humidity which comes from our breathing; - The heat which comes from our body; - Direct exposure of the tent to clear skies.


2. A few tips to limit condensation in your tent:

- When putting up the tent, ensure that the flysheet does not touch the wall of the inner part of the tent;

- Pay attention to the tensioning of the canvases. Not too much or too little. The aim is to avoid the formation of folds: they concentrate the condensation and enable the formation of water droplets;

- Open the air holes of the tents, even when it is raining. And leave a decent space between the ground and the bottom of the flysheet, so that a current of air can be created from the bottom to the top of the tent.

- If possible leave the door of the tent open, so that it is well ventilated. In particular in the evening, when the temperature drops; - Put your tent up in a shady place, so that it is never in direct view of the sky (when the sky is clear, the surface of the flysheet radiates towards the sky and loses heat. The result: the flysheet becomes cooler than the outside air and the air inside of the tent.  

PLEASE NOTE: Under no circumstances is condensation a sign that the tent is losing its waterproofing. 



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