GDFH mask blessing sterilization and disinfection spray
GDFH mask blessing sterilization and disinfection spray
GDFH mask blessing sterilization and disinfection spray
GDFH mask blessing sterilization and disinfection spray
GDFH mask blessing sterilization and disinfection spray
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GDFH mask blessing sterilization and disinfection spray



50 ml
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Product Description

Main purpose to add sterilization and disinfection function to general masks


Place of Origin: Hong Kong
Capacity: 50ml

Ingredients: Chelated Copper / Chelated Zinc, Purified Water
Free of alcohol, chlorides, essential oils,
Adhesives and other unknown ingredients

Main purpose: to add sterilization and disinfection functions to general masks, effectively eliminate the odor (saliva smell, bacteria, skin oil, and smoke) produced by the mask after wearing it for a long time. Smoke smell breathing), reduce the occurrence of face sores and reduce sensitivity.

After testing, this spray will not dissolve the inner and outer water repellent layers of the mask, and does not affect the function of the electrostatic filter layer of the mask. Lasts for 48 hours (most of the products on the market claiming to be mask spray/mask disinfection spray contain alcohol or emulsified essential oils, which will penetrate the water repellent layer of the mask and eliminate the filtering function of the mask). It can also be sprayed on clothes, and it will also enhance the sterilization and disinfection function!

Copper, since ancient times, there have been a large number of scientific literatures that copper ions can be effectively sterilized and disinfected, (for example, when used in hospital wall paint, some manufacturers deliberately add copper ion compounds). But in general environment, solid copper sterilization is relatively slow, because copper ions will only be released slowly on copper products.

Application of chelation technology

Chelated metal is an advanced technology in recent years, and only a few laboratories in the world can effectively master the technology of producing stable chelated metal. "General" chelation technology is mainly used in the production of feed and nutritional supplements, chelation technology is also used in the production of cancer dartboard drugs, and used as "drug addicts" in hospitals, for serious poisoning, the poison is absorbed and extracted from the body Applications.

What are chelated metals

Generally, friends who have read chemistry will know that there will be electronic interactions between molecules with electronic differences to achieve electronic balance, that is, chemistry. The chelated metal production technology is to make the metal ions have a stable existence with electron difference without chemical action. The scientific community also calls chelated metals liquid metals.

Sterilization principle and deodorization function

High-energy chelate copper and zinc ions themselves and their hydroxyl groups, effectively destroy bacteria and viruses.

Using the air ion detector, each spray of sterilization and disinfection generates 120,000 negative ions; if used with the atomizer, the number of negative ions will increase to more than 400,000. (General disinfectant cannot be used in nebulizers, such products will destroy lung cells after entering the lungs). And negative ions can effectively and quickly decompose odors!

Certification and Testing

The product has obtained MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet, chemical safety data sheet). Its ingredients are non-toxic and do not bioaccumulate. In addition, the product has also been tested for killing H1N1 and Streptococcus pneumoniae; the bacteria survival test 24 hours after spraying. Proven that the product can effectively and lastingly destroy bacteria and viruses.

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